Various Voice Actors in Various Animated Batman Projects. Warner Bros. Cesar Romero in Batman (1966) ABC. Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989) Warner Bros. Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (2016) Warner Bros. Mark Hamill in Batman: The Animated Series (1992) Warner Bros. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008) Warner Bros.
Batman: Two Faces Joker. joker batman two faces The 15 Craziest Comic Versions of the Joker. Advertising [x]. The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a classic tale, one that's been adapted and riffed on in all different kinds of mediums. It was only a matter of time before the story was brought to the pages of ...

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The Complexity of Workplace Humour: Laughter, Jokers and the Dark Side of Humour - Barbara Plester - Google Books

101 points • 2 comments - Types of Joker - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet!
What's really tragic about this version of the villain is what it says about Dick. In most other comics, Grayson is just about the most well-adjusted individual within Batman's pull -- second only maybe to Barbara Gordon. Batgirl, for the uninitiated. He's kind, funny, likeable, and on the rare occasions that he had ...

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The Joker - The World of Playing Cards

3.1 Batman: Bloodstorm (1994) 3.2 Batman: In Darkest Knight (1994) 3.3 Batman: Leatherwing (1994) 3.4 Batman: Nosferatu (1999) 3.5 Batman: Two Faces (1998) 3.6 Gotham by Gaslight (1989) 3.7 JLA: The Nail (1998) 3.8 Superman & Batman: Generations (1999)
In the fifth episode of the first season, “The Joker Is Wild,” actor Cesar Romero stepped into the role of the Clown Prince of Crime. This TV Joker did not differ much from his comic book incarnation at the time, with one bizarre and baffling exception: Cesar Romero refused to shave his mustache for the role.

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Joker | DC

Everybody knows The Joker. There may be certain things you weren't aware of before, but for the most part, his MO is as widely understood as that of his arch nemesis. His origin story might not be as clean-cut as Batman's, but he has a look, a mission, and a character that endures through endless ...
Today on Variant tells you about all the different versions of the Clown Prince of Crime! Plus see what comics.

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Joker dictionary definition | joker defined

From Jared Leto in "Suicide Squad" to the late Heath Ledger in "The Dark Knight," Variety rank the Jokers from worst to best.
A2A. SPOILER ALERT. At the end of Darkseid War: Part 2, Justice League #50, Batman reveals to Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) in the Batcave what he heard when he sat on the Moebius Chair in Justice League #42. Batman asked who the Joker is and the Cha...

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dc - What chemicals did The Joker fall into? - Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

As with Superman, the Joker has been separated into three distinct personalities: Jerry Robinson's Original Joker, The Killing Joke version of the Joker, and the New 52 incarnation of the Joker. Each of these iterations of the Clown Prince of Crime represent different facets of the character's personality.
Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) After being introduced over 70yrs ago, The Joker character has been the end all villain to The Batman.. [remarking on the death of Batman] He's... he's actually gone!, lets take a moment to reflect on the passing of a man who was more than just another do gooder in tights, ...

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Different types of Jokers | JPEGY - What the Internet was meant for

This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work.
This will be judged at the discretion of the mods.
Memes and jokes in the comment click are allowed.
Especially if the work is recent.
In Endgame, a doctor in Arkham tells Batman a story about how the "Pale Man" Joker has been there since the beginning of Gotham, healing thanks to the same meteorite as Vandal Savage or Ra's Al Ghul.
It's never confirmed wether this was a hoax or a fact, but the Joker did have a Lazarus Pit-ish substance, called Dionesium.
The three Jokers shown to us are the Golden Age Joker, the Killing Joke Joker and the New 52 Joker.
In the back of the issues of Batman 34-40, we see a story of 5 escapees from Arkham who've been driven insane by the Joker, who told them invented origins of him stuff like he was a robot or a demon.
So, what if the "Pale Man" myth is true, just like Vandal Savage and the Demon's Head are?
If he's real, then he likes driving other different types of jokers insane, specially to make them do terrible stuff.
What if he chose a man who had green hair and white face just like him to turn him into an evil monster?
At the end of the New 52 version, he fell into a chemical vat.
We see he survive, and it's implied that he would become the Joker.
But maybe he did die there, but the Pale Man decided it would be funny to make HIM the "Joker".
Alfred's hair and skin probably suffered the same as Red Hood Joker in his Killing Joke's backstory.
go here fact that they looked alike was funny to the Pale Man.
In Batman 1, during their first encounter, the Joker dies, but comes back to life.
I believe it was the Dionesium that healed him.
He also "died" several other times.
In "The Joker Walks the Last Mile", his assistants revived him with a serum, which I believe was also Dionesium.
I think, the Pale Man eventually gets tired of this Joker dying and lets him finally die.
Then, he got himself another man, who had also fallen into a chemical vat, thanks to Batman.
It was even funnier because he had been through the same as the last one, even his hair and skin had changed; so this man became the Joker, until the Killing Joke, where at the end, Batman kills him.
I know there's a lot of theorizing about wether he kills him or not this time, but I believe he does.
That's when the Pale Man he will become the Joker.
Unlike the last two, he didn't have any personal vendetta against him, but they were just made for each other.
He was the Moriarty to his Sherlock.
He even cuts his face since he knew he could grow it again.
In Death of the Family, Batman reveals that once he found a Joker card in the Batcave, but to enter different types of jokers Batcave, the Joker would've to go through all the security, something no man could do, not even Batman.
But what if you're more than a man, what if you're immortal?
Maybe the Pale Man was the one who entered the Batcave that day.
That's how he discovered everyone's secret identities.
Then, after Endgame takes place, he decides it's time to bring the Jokers back to life.
He lost his pit, so he takes the Dionesium from his spine what's left and uses it to bring Alby Joker and Red Hood Joker back to life.
That's how there are three Jokers.
What do you think?
Ensuring that someone will always keep on being the Joker for Batman.
This would explain all his origin stories.
There's still the original start of the Joker, but each one would add their own origin to the lore.
It was only after its commercial success that canon authors started referencing elements of it.
I'm uncertain if it ever became fully canon.
However future authors interpreted the story, I think that barman killing the Joker at the end is a valid reading of the story.
Of course, if we accept that then the killing joke cannot be used for a Canon fan theory.
It's debatable either way.
I'm actually eager to see how they'll make that last scene in the movie.
Logically, as the story later became canon with Barbra Gordon's spinal injury, neither of them died; although DC comics has that business so it's different types of jokers all up in the air I guess.
I go with author intent on different types of jokers one.
Flashpoint brought 3 universes together and reset them DC universe, Vertigo universe and Wildstorm Universe.
Personally I don't know much about Vertigo and Wildstorm universes, but what if a version of the Joker existed in each?
And the combining of the 3 universes, all three Jokers ended up existing at once, and for whatever reason or another, they were not merged into one.
Maybe the state of their psyche help them avoid it or there was some intervention strong enough to let the Jokers exist together.
Maybe their memories were merged but not their bodies, so they all remembered their history with Batman and worked together so Batman could never be able to stop them.
Maybe over the 5 years since The New 52 started all 3 Jokers existed at once and that's why Batman is so clueless about everything Joker, like who he really is and why there is no record of his real identity in any source databases?
Batman literally had to become a God just to find out that there were 3, but its clear he couldn't find out any more information about him.
Maybe there was never meant to be 3 of him so when the New 52 came about, the new universe didn't adjust to the new Joker and rewrite his past accordingly.
The Mobius Chair had literally no idea about the Joker except that were 3 of them.
But maybe it couldn't know because the 3 Joker's were never meant to be there in the first place.
Convergence itself could have caused this either, possibly 2 Jokers from other universes ended up in the one universe alongside that universes Joker?
If we're assuming this is Dr.
Manhattan after he left his earth, than Comedian can't be one of them.
I need to think about it a bit more, and do more research, but here goes attempt 1.
Let us consider Batman and the Joker as Yin and Yang exact opposites.
Over the years, people have joined Batman's cause.
This is what I think Robin is.
A young mind being influenced by a cause the greater good and following it.
To an extent when they begin, I think the Robin's are all trying to become Batman a vigilante who always does the right thing.
But as we know, they eventually become their own being Nightwing and what not.
So if the Joker is Yang, who is the jokers influencing and converting?
Harley Quinn to me is the negative version of Nightwing.
Influenced by the joker, but eventually she has her own identity.
This is where I think the 3 Jokers come in.
I am not sure who the original joker is, but I think the other two got influenced by the joker, and eventually took on the jokers identity themselves.
The idea being, the joker has a much more powerful system to convert a young mind into following his footsteps.
We do get a taste of this when the Joker tries to make Robin into his son Batman Beyond.
Should I even bother doing further research?
It could be that Joker does influence 2 others to take the mantle of those other versions but when Batman asks the all-knowing Mobius Chair for the identity of The Joker, it could have told him who each of those people were in their previous lives or made it abundantly clear that these are replicas.
Instead, the Chair tells Batman that there are in fact 3 versions of Joker.
Joker had followers before her, a whole bunch, who were dead.
I mean, this doesnt deny the fact that there are three diffrent jokers, just that he has different sides to it.
Try to invision him having like multiple personality disorder, but that he can choose who the hell he wants to be whenever he wants to.
It was never actually stated "the same time", different types of jokers said exist.
The irony being unnoticed is the fact that Batman Beyond was released at the same time as this theory.
Now the die-hard fans are looking for some abstract but easily acknowledged or dismissed theories.
Which this makes the most logical answer.
If he's the 3rd, then it begs to question who's first and second.
So the better question is how he did it before the tech was available.
What if he is the Pale man, then maybe the first was him and being in Arkham gave him access toi the free online lego batman games to play as it first came out, allowing a mental transfer early.
Then he would be exempt from being any of the 3.
The point is the convergence has nothing to do with it.
So Tim Drake is the final animated, will he be the final illustrated?
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