PETA's animal rights campaigns include ending fur and leather use meat and dairy consumption fishing hunting trapping factory farming circuses bull fighting rodeos and animal experimentation.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters. PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the.

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PETA in Detroit | Article Archives | Detroit Metro Times

PETA's team of animal-care experts helps thousands of companion animals each year. Please help us continue seizing every possible opportunity to help dogs, cats, and other animals in need.
Contact PETA to report cruelty to animals, contact the media department or report a web problem.

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Foundation to Support Animal Protection (The PETA Foundation)

If an animal is in imminent danger, contact your local police department immediately. If your local police department is unresponsive, call PETA.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA /ˈpiːtə/; stylized PeTA) is an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, and led by Ingrid Newkirk, its international president. A nonprofit corporation with nearly 400 employees, it claims that it has 6.5 million members and supporters, in addition to.

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UK loses to PETA in lawsuit seeking records about animal experiments | Lexington Herald Leader

PETA India. 966K likes. Be our fan and help protect animals! Check us out on, follow us on Twitter @PetaIndia | follow us on Instagram...
15.9K tweets • 4111 photos/videos • 122K followers. "Today in Hyderabad! PETA speaks up against animal dissection for #NationalScienceDay. Does your school/college still use animals for dissection? Tell us about it at [email protected] and we will work to stop it."

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Peta | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

PETA Asia is an Asia-based animal rights group. Campaigns include promoting veganism, ending the use of fur and animal experimentation, and more.
Warning! Some of the content on this site is graphic and potentially disturbing. It is not intended for children. I understand and wish to continue. International Versions: Chinese · Svenska · Deuesch · Français · Italiano · Russian · Korean · Japanese · Spanish. “I'll Never Learn to Fetch”. I'll Never Learn to Fetch. Info. Shopping.

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Overview. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been described as “by far the most successful radical organization in America.” The key word is radical. PETA seeks “total animal liberation,” according to its president and co-founder, Ingrid Newkirk. That means no meat or dairy, of course; but it also means.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an organization that publicly claims to represent the best interest of animals -- indeed their "ethical treatment." Yet approximately 2,000 animals pass through PETA's front door every year and very few make it out alive. The vast majority -- 96 percent in ...

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Tannehill teams up with PETA in attempt to sack Texas A&M’s treatment of dogs in experiments | Aggie Sports |

Warning: Some of the following graphic photos may distress the reader.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA is an organization that publicly claims to represent the best interest of animals -- indeed their "ethical treatment.
The vast majority -- 96 percent in 2011 -- exit the facility out the back door after they have been killed, when Pet Cremation Services of Tidewater stops by on peta in regular visits to pick up their remains.
Between these visits, the bodies are stored in the giant walk-in freezer PETA installed for this very purpose.
In fact, in the last 11 years, PETA Most animal lovers find this hard to believe.
But seeing is believing.
And if it is true that a picture speaks a thousand words, the following images speak volumes about who and what PETA really stands for.
While claiming to be an animal rights organization, PETA does not believe animals have a right to live.
Instead, it believes that people have a right to kill them, as long as the killing is done "humanely," which PETA interprets to mean poisoning them with an overdose of barbiturates.
In733 dogs entered this building.
They killed 602 of them.
Only 12 were adopted.
Also in 2012, they impounded 1,110 cats.
Seven of them were adopted.
They also took in 34 other companion animals, such as rabbits, of which 28 were put to death.
Only four were adopted.
When police officers looked inside, they found the bodies of dead animals -- PETA described these animals as "adorable" and "perfect.
After PETA lied to him and the mother and her kittens were entrusted to their care.
Source: Associated Press An Ahoskie Police Detective dressed in a hazmat suit prepares to bury a puppy killed by PETA.
This puppy and dozens of other animals including cats and kittens were found by police throughout June of 2005 after PETA employees dumped them in a garbage bin in North Carolina.
PETA has no adoption hours, does no adoption promotion, has no adoption floor, but is registered with the State of Virginia as a "humane society" or "animal shelter.
The shelter is not accessible to the public, promoted, or engaged in efforts to facilitate the adoption of animals taken into custody.
Since they take in thousands per year, where were they?
How can people adopt animals from PETA when they kill the animals they acquire within minutes without ever making them available for adoption?
How can people adopt animals when they peta in no adoption hours, do no adoption promotion, and do not show animals for adoption, choosing to kill them without doing so?
In fact, when asked by a reporter what efforts they make to find animals homes, PETA had no comment.
Source: Nathan Winograd A postcard written and signed by Ingrid Newkirk, PETA's founder, admitting that PETA does not believe animals have a right to live, despite its public perception of PETA as an "animal rights" organization.
The right to life is the most fundamental of all rights.
It is fundamental because without it, no other "rights" are possible.
How can animals be guaranteed the right to food, water, shelter and protection, when those things can be taken away by killing them?
Source: Nathan Winograd Many animal lovers who have publicly condemned PETA for their killing.
However, because a lawsuit would allow for subpoenas of PETA employees past and present -- leading to under-oath testimonies about the grisly reality of what has and is going on at PETA headquarters -- it is unlikely that PETA would ever follow-through with these empty threats.
Their donor-funded attorneys rattle their sabers, but know they have a lot more to fear from the public disclosure that would result from a peta in than the animal activists who are truthfully -- and, given PETA's threats and intimidation, bravely -- reporting on PETA's atrocities against animals in the hope of bringing them to an end.
When you peta in to PETA, you not only fund the killing of animals, you fund the intimidation of animal lovers.
Source: Nathan Winograd Not only does PETA kill animals, they also defend the killing of animals by others.
This is a dying kitten in a Houston shelter after staff "lost" the kitten.
When he was found, he was near death.
His last hours were ones of suffering.
Houston officials click job applicants with a history of violence, a history of criminal behavior and those who scored the lowest on city aptitude tests in animal control.
When I wasmy advice regarding staff was play online bejeweled butterfly game fire people who abuse animals; hire those who care about them.
PETA defended this shelter, urging government officials not to listen to me.
Source: Nathan Winograd A puppy dying of parvovirus in the Houston shelter is not given anything soft to lie on as she urinates all over herself.
Here she sits, unable to keep her head up, alone in a cold, barren stainless steel cage without receiving necessary veterinary care.
Other shelters have a better than 90% rate of saving dogs with parvovirus.
In a letter to the editor of the Houston paper, PETA publicly defended this shelter, urging Houstonians to reject my advice on the need for reform and how to do so.
Source: Nathan Winograd The PETA solution: dead "feral" cats in a Florida shelter.
As shelters and health departments nationwide embrace trap-neuter-release programs,even urging their supporters to take them to shelters or veterinarians to do so.
The PETA website states that, This shelter used "an injection of sodium pentobarbital," killing the cats in front of other cats, catch-poling the cats as they tried to flee while they urinated and defecated all over the kennel in fear.
That is how terrified feral cats behave in shelters.
Source: Nathan Winograd A cat in the King County, Washington shelter begs for food and water.
Cats in the infirmary were not fed or given water over a three-day holiday weekend and both their food bowls and water bowls are empty.
Although staff was assigned to the shelter, supervisors and staff chose to socialize instead.
My advice: Hire supervisors who are not part of the same union so as to eliminate conflicts of interest; all staff should be given a checklist of assigned duties; and supervisors should double check that those duties have been games home online play free to />In a letter to the King County Council, PETA told officials not to listen to me because I was "radical.
Once again, as they have done so many times before,the Shelby County No Kill Mission, a private organization both responsible for and dedicated to ensuring that Shelby County remains No Kill,bringing the population down through rescue, foster and adoption.
Unlike Shelby Peta in No Kill Mission, PETA also reached out to officials, but not to help save the animals.
They didn't offer are jewel splash online game free play interesting help the Shelby County shelter find homes, build temporary peta in, board animals, foster animals, adopt animals or even just get the word out across Kentucky that animals need help.
Instead, PETA sent Shelby County government and shelter officials a gift basket, with a note thanking them for their decision to start killing again after four years.
These pictures reveal the truth about PETA, a reality that is deeply at odds with the public's perception of that peta in as a radical animal rights group.
In practice, PETA is the functional equivalent of a slaughterhouse, while their efforts to undermine the lifesaving work of animal lovers throughout the country continually derail urgently needed reforms that would further the rights of our nation's homeless dogs and cats.
By defending regressive and cruel shelters sheltering policies that mandate killing, by calling for the death of certain groups of animals entering shelters and by injecting thousands of animals with a fatal dose of poison every year, these actions are not only inconsistent with the mission of an animal rights organization, they are the antithesis of one.
Only one question remains: Why is anyone still donating to PETA?

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